As a loan officer, coping up with all the meetings, files and deadlines become unmanageable most of the days. Yet, it’s important to catch up with this balancing act in order that you'll specialize in what matters foremost. So how does one set about achieving this? Easy– the trick is to delegate your tasks to your dedicated virtual assistant. Hiring a Mortgage Virtual assistant is that the answer to all your questions and success. Plus point, you get some free time to focus on the other aspects of your business. Hire a reasonable staffer to do the admin work within your business allows you to specialize in what counts. A Mortgage Virtual Assistant is 60% cheaper than an American employee or admin staffer and can not only prevent money but assist in increasing your output.

Quit chasing paperwork and specialize in growing your pipeline with a Loan Processor Assistant from My Assistant Services. We provide the leverage you require to grow your business at a fraction of the value of hiring full-time staff.

Our Virtual Loan Processors are trained in every step of the method and tasked with monitoring progress from the time the vendor accepts a suggestion through the steps involved within the close of the deal.

The primary role of our Loan Processor Assistants is to make sure a smooth transaction of all client deals. They work closely with all parties including in each transaction, provide useful & detailed information and action plans, process contract documents and disclosures, follow deadlines, file paperwork, and much more.


Services We Offer: -

Communication is the key to every business; our virtual loan processor/assistants will assist you to stay connected with your customers. You can rely on their interaction skills since they are the best at it. Here is the list of things we can do for you:-

  • Stay in touch with borrowers to ensure they have answers to their queries in the real-time
  • Ensures the borrower is well up to date with the current status of their loan file
  • Make outbound calls to prospects who have inquired about mortgage products through multiple channels and bring business for you.
  • Mortgage Process Support
  • Our assistants will review all the documents, organize them, ensure we have everything we need and move them to the processing stage.
  • Creating 1003 in the LOS
  • Order and review Appraisal and 1007
  • Making Pre-approval letters
  • Help borrower signing in the initial disclosure and ensure we have everything from the borrower to process the loan
  • Upload documents within LOS and enter information as needed
  • Collects supporting documents to clear underwriting conditions and close a file to funding
  • Provide admin/assistant support and help you with your other day to day tasks
  • Marketing and CRM Management

This is a list of few things we can do for you but we are just not limited to this. Let us know your requirement and will find the best match for you. Fill the form NOW.

Why Choose Our Virtual Assistants?

Our Virtual Assistants are a number of the simplest professionals within the world because:

  • We have trained and highly skilled virtual loan processors with knowledge of mortgage products, policies, procedures, and basic automated underwriting systems.
  • Knowledge of federal and state agency real estate loan guidelines and regulations through an in-house educational program
  • Proficient with software such Microsoft Office MS Suite, G Suite, OneDrive, Point, and many more
  • Possess excellent multi-tasking skills and are well organized, detailed, and work with a way of urgency and responsiveness
  • Excellent sales skills with specializing in customer service; flexible and may adapt quickly to changing priorities

Mortgage VAs are being used by an increasing number of firms throughout the world. Hiring overseas workers is advantageous in today's competitive market.

Mortgage VAs are crucial in assisting brokers in expanding their businesses by allowing them to focus on developing connections that lead to new business.

Stop wasting time attempting to manage your pipeline on your own. It only makes sense to have more business and less paperwork! A mortgage virtual assistant is a specialist that works from a remote place for your organization. They are completely committed to your company and will take on a range of jobs.

Mortgage virtual assistants will aid you in meeting every contract milestone for on-time and low-cost closings. Your VA can gather documentation for files, make calls, manage your calendar, and so on.

Stop wasting time attempting to manage your pipeline on your own. You deserve a mortgage virtual assistant from My Assistant Services VA so you may focus on other revenue-generating tasks such as creating relationships with agents and prior clients! Top loan officers use qualified virtual assistants VA for everyday chores to significantly boost their hourly rate and performance.

Our skilled virtual assistants will aid you in meeting every contract milestone for on-time and low-cost closings. Your virtual assistant may gather documentation for files, make calls, and manage your calendar, in addition to handling marketing, assisting with social media networking, and nurturing leads to increase your revenue.

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