My Assistant Services understand both the daily business pressures and the complexity of the real estate. A Property Management VA can do pretty much every managerial land task. These undertakings are called 'non-dollar useful assignments.

How about we take a gander at it thusly. On the off chance that you have an in-house colleague chipping away at non-dollar useful undertakings, you are in a split-second expanding overhead and restricting efficiency. Also, it costs you up to multiple times more to have an in-house colleague complete these assignments than if you had a property management VA do these equivalent undertakings for a portion of the expense.

Our property management VA measures new inhabitant application, locations and settles occupant issues and protests, helps with promoting the property, and deals with the monetary parts of a property business. They have incredible information on the land business, including market patterns, current costs, and state and government lodging guidelines.

 What Makes My Assistant Services Unique from Others

Our most prominent mark of contrast is our 15 years of industry experience inside Real Estate joined with more than 10 years of information around the re-appropriating the foundation.

This means more contribution than others in this business and quicker speed to showcase and adaptability and permits us to offer consultative help whenever needed to help you in preparing your office to Outsource.

My Assistant Services Services: -

Overall Management

  • Oversee inbox, answer queries.
  • Record vital messages.
  • Contact customers who are interested in the property.
  • Summary of new and important configuration files.
  • Convey messages to occupants and sure customers.•
  • Start to end the executives and exchange of knowledge within online Property Management programming.
  • Update the timetable to reflect all core principles.

 Legal Documentation

  • Oversee Legal Documentation
  • Oversee individual and business legalities.
  • Circle back to tenants, house owners, and merchants
  • Source and complete lawful documentation. Land enrollment, closeout, and composing authorization 
  • Land management age and real virtual owner assistant.
  • Look for customers and partners who handle legal documents.
  • Update publications and find successful potential customers.
  • Offer arrangements, charge records, investigation reports, explanations, and then forth

 Admin Task

  • Update the asset management package.
  • Audit property rent and total up placing focuses.
  • Prepare minutes of meetings
  • Make and addition mandate review concentrates and photos.
  • Talk to residents if necessary.
  • Managing Your Calendar
  • Appointment Setting/ Telemarketing
  • Meeting and visit time. Marketing and Promotion
  • Get ready to sell subtleties, Budgets, and Plans for properties and portfolios.
  • Update and maintain internal and external proprietary databases.
  • Circle back to occupants and merchants 
  • Pay attention to the build system.
  • Promote and fill gaps.
  • Help clerking, value data catch, revealing and that is simply the start.
  • Help portfolio chiefs in gathering rents, sinking objections, implementing rules of inhabitance

Property Management Method Support

  • Issue organization arrangements
  • Organize property media, intercede with media organizations, customers
  • Arrangement of new property postings on completely different stages
  • Survey applications and provides a waitlist to the property director
  • Get ready rent arrangements
  • Solicitation water effectiveness perusal from property owner
  • Put along bourgeois to travel intent on a property for repairs and testing
  • Prompt layers on new in dweller subtleties
  • Timetable routine investigations
  • Timetable active assessments
  • Organize pool repairs whenever needed

Unlike alternative VA service suppliers, our VAs square measure managed by employees (Operations Manager, HR Team, and consumer Reps) to assist guarantee they're on time, on task, reliable, and doing their work. We manage the payroll, attendance, and productivity via screen captures to make sure the VA is functioning on the tasks you have got selected him/her to complete.

Our VAs are fluent in English and sound nice on the phone. It opens tremendous potentialities. Suddenly, you'll be able to supply the best talent from any place on the earth. Plus, new technologies cause you to feel even additional connected together with your chosen Virtual Assistant. Feel free to fill out our FREE Query Form for Virtual Assistant.

Outsourcing Can Help You Save Money

When compared to hiring local employees, hiring offshore employees requires a lot cheaper investment. Furthermore, if you hire offshore workers through a company like My Assistant Services, this is considered a business cost and is tax-deductible. You also don't have to pay for an office, power, tax, or superannuation, which may be a huge relief if you're used to managing others.

Outsourcing Can Help Your Business Grow

With more time on your hands, you and your local employees will be able to devote more resources to meeting clients and creating connections. In addition, your offshore team may handle marketing duties that create leads for your company, such as customer satisfaction surveys, social media management, and newsletters.


When you hire a remote team member with Affordable Staff, a supervisor is appointed to monitor their performance and activities. Virtual assistants are also taught and upskilled in standardized activities, resulting in optimum production with minimal effort from you.

However, while your company may have its own set of objectives and processes, we recommend that you connect with, guide, and engage your remote team in the same way that you would your local team.

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